Bahamas Newspapers

As might be expected for a country made up of many islands, Bahamas newspapers consist of daily national papers along with local papers concentrating on smaller regions. The larg, national papers are available everywhere; however, the local papers, which focus mostly on their own regions, aren't widely read outside their areas of coverage.

National Newspapers

  • The Nassau Guardian
    Published in the capital city, this daily newspaper covers national, international, and local news. As one would expect from a large metropolitan newspaper, the Guardian also features sports, editorials, culture, entertainment, and current happenings. Probably the most useful paper for tourists in the Nassau/Paradise Island area.

  • Bahama Journal
    Another daily newspaper that covers national news and business items.

Local Newspapers

  • Freeport News
    Grand Bahama Island's newspaper covers both national and local news

  • Abaconian
    Abaco's self-proclaimed "most complete" newspaper is not a daily paper, but for anyone heading to Abaco, you can pick it up for free in several locations.

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