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Atlantis Tip!
Staying at Atlantis in the Bahamas doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. If you know where you can buy a few staples, such as Paradise Shopping Village, you can easily avoid resort overpricing on trifles.

You'll find a diner, convenience store, and several other useful shops right across the street from the Marina Village . Take advantage of their location to make your trip both memorable and reasonably priced.

Complementary activities include:

  • The Atlantis Theatre: they usually show family friendly films in the early evening and R-rated titles at night

  • Seakeepers Sanctuary: marine life feedings take place throughout the resort at different times of day. The daily schedule lists the times and locations and whether they are interactive.

  • The Junkanoo parade at Marina Village on Fridays and Saturdays at 9:30. Loud music as Carnival-like dancers move through the crowds dressed in gorgeous costumes and headdresses similar to those worn during the Junkanoo, or Bahamian New Year festival

  • Activities on the pool deck. Shuffleboard tournaments, bingo, hair braiding, temporary tattoos – just check the daily schedule for where and when.

  • The Library. Books, free internet access, and the daily puzzle. Answers are revealed at 4:30 .

  • The Dig delights and enchants everyone. Check out these slideshow photos of The Dig . And the newest page, The Dig in HD video.

  • Walk through the underwater viewing tunnels of one of the aquariums

  • Free gaming lesson in The Casino

  • An exhilarating ride on one of the numerous Water Slides

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