Enter the Dig

Oh, there’s something about The Dig…

For some reason, every time I walk through the enchanting underground seascape, I feel an irresistible urge to get out my camera and save the experience. Of course, the photographs don’t capture the effects – they never do!

Enjoy the following slideshow photo tour

I become so enthralled by the silent sea creatures swimming past the windows that I often forget about the rest of the experience. The doors are carved with strange hieroglyphs, and unusual artifacts appear throughout the length of the halls that comprise this attraction.

People taking the Discover Atlantis guided tour will be introduced to many of the creatures, including horseshoe crabs and the conch, which looks like a giant sea snail. Yes, that’s the delicious conch that Bahamians serve fried, frittered, in chowder, and raw in spicy conch salad.

I can’t identify what the artifacts are supposed to be any more than I can decipher the hieroglyphs! But it does make for a cool effect as you’re walking through the dimly lit tunnels.

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