The Dig at Atlantis


As previously promised, I've learned the art of shooting and editing video. Here are some of my favorite moments in the Dig at Atlantis.

Late night in the Dig

Night view of one of the rooms, complete with spooky sound effects. You can still hear a few people off in the distance, but this is the essence of wandering through The Dig for me.

Seahorses in The Dig

Lots of these amazing little animals in the seahorse tank. The rapid movement of their fins looks like a motor. Something mesmerizing in their graceful movements keeps me watching again and again.

Moray Eels Feeding Frenzy

Feeding time at the Moray Eel tank. Usually these big green guys just lay in their holes looking like they're dead, but I just happened to be walking past during feeding time. The family standing in fron t of me was enjoying the show as well.

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