Club Land'Or Paradise Island Resort

Club Land'Or is a small Paradise Island resort with a prime location between two parts of the Atlantis Resort: Harborside and the Marina Village. Most of the people who stay there are time share owners, and those whom I've talked to have often complained about the associated fees they have to pay.

The resort is very small with one tiny pool, an because it's located on the marina, it's a long walk to the beach. The employees I spoke to explained that the guests are ferried out to Rose Island for activities. In addition, guests can purchase a pass that allows them to use the facilities at the Atlantis.

In May 2008, I took a tour of the resort and was offered a chance to buy a time share. I found the property looked a bit grimy and unkempt; however, the original building is going to be torn down and a new tower will be built in its place.

The salespeople didn't have an artist's rendition of what the new tower is going to look like. I didn't buy, of course, and I wonder if anyone buys these without any idea of what they are getting.

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